The most important task when moving into your new property is to complete the Entry Condition Report – thoroughly!

This is the only way to document the condition when you moved for the PM to compare to when you move out.

Our hot tip is to complete the Entry Condition Report BEFORE you move in your furniture. It’s easier to take an hour before all your stuff gets in the way to document the condition. Once your furniture is in the property it can be hard to see or document wear and tear.

Remember to take clear photo and video evidence of any damages, hooks, marks or wear and tear.

Taking the time to complete the report accurately and thoroughly will save any disputes on moving out.

Things to remember to check and note:

  • Hinges on doors
  • Handles on doors and windows
  • Carpet stains or discolouration (including inside the wardrobes)
  • Tapware and fittings
  • Screens on doors/windows
  • Gardens and lawn condition

The RTA have released 2 new videos showing tenants how to complete the entry condition report correctly – check it out at: