“You want how much to clean my home??? But it’s not that dirty!!”.

We hear this every day from Tenants who have not been through a vacate of a rental property and especially former home owners.

When you hand back a rental property in QLD, the property is expected to be in the same condition as when you took possession of the tenancy.  Remember the first time you entered the property? That fresh, clean, immaculate property with not a blemish to be seen?

“What about fair wear and tear?” I hear you say.

Well there is no clear definition of ‘fair wear and tear’ anywhere in the legislation, which leaves this requirement open to interpretation.  We have found the standard to vary significantly depending on your Property Manager (and their level of experience), the Principal expectations, as well as the Owners.

“Then how do you know what level of cleaning is expected?” 

We play it safe and clean the home perfectly every time. PERFECT = TIME. Imagine every surface on the interior of your property must be cleaned. EVERY SURFACE whether touched or untouched. The smallest nook, the tiniest cranny all need to be spotless.  Remember your PM holds your bond and to get it back you need to ensure the property is to their standard – not yours.

If a home has been lived in for some time or shared with young children or inside pets, then more time will most likely be needed. Likewise, if a property has not been maintained during the tenancy. You can now see how detailed and time consuming bond cleans are.

If your tenancy has ended and the Property Manager deems any areas not cleaned to their expectations or does not mirror the Entry Condition Report, you will be given a short window to return to the property and rectify.  After that time, a professional bond cleaning company will be called in to do the work and the amount deducted from your bond. Most bond cleaning companies charge upward of $50 per hour. It can quickly become costly.

If you want to take the headache out of the bond clean let us do it for you…..talk to one of our friendly staff on 0424 576 102