What if my PM is not happy with the clean? Will you go back?

If you’re rented for a while you’ll know that every Property Manager has different expectations.

If you’re nodding your head, you’re not alone.  As specialized bond cleaners we make it out job to find out what your PM is looking for.  They all have their ‘thing’.   Some are particular on tracks and sills.  Others can be fussy on windows and glass areas.

By getting to know who we are working for it makes our job less of a mystery.  Of course, all bond cleans need to be performed to a high standard or you will be called back.

One particular apartment block sent us back 3 times, this was unheard of and concerning to me as the quality control chick. I went in with the team ready to give our guys a sharp lesson in attention to detail.  I quickly made friends with the PM and talked about the inner city market to lighten the mood.  By the time we got to the apartment door we were firm friends and had locked in a coffee date for later in the week.

The items we had been called back for were….lets say….ridiculous. The marks on the wall in the living areas, were shadows being cast through the vertical blinds above the kitchen.  The single tiny eyelash in the back corner of the bottom drawer could hardly be seen until we knelt on the ground and crooked our necks to an awkward angle Beetle juice would have been proud of.

But that’s our job, that’s what we do.  That’s the pain we take away from our tenant.  Our PM was happy, more than happy she signed us up as contractors on the spot.  Just from that extra attention and being ok with the small call back items.

Our tenant got their bond back and everyone was happy.

Do you have an over the top PM and no time to deal with them on vacate….let us do it for you 0424 576 102