Would you like a painless vacate?

Be nice to your PM. Don’t get into a fight with your PM even if you think you are right and they are wrong.  Remember moving is a stressful time.  Your PM deals with stressed out people all day.  They are not trying to make your life difficult.  They have a lot of people to keep happy, you the tenant, the owner of the property and their Principal.

The owner of the property has paid good money for the property to be managed professionally.  They worked hard, saved their cash and are paying off a rental property that will likely be their nest egg taking them into retirement.  They have a lot riding on the house you have been living in and it’s their baby.  They expect it to be treated that way.  I’m sure if it were your property, you’d do the same.

If communication lines are kept open, there is always a solution.  Take a breath and remain calm.

We love bond cleaning for Property Managers.  We try to ease some of the stress for both sides.  We understand the tenant and the PM so we are in a perfect position to smooth out the transaction of the vacate to be as painless as possible.

Make sure you give your bond clean company as much details as possible.  Remember we can only quote on what you have told us. If the oven is extremely dirty, let us know.  We can factor it in so no surprises for you.  If it’s a huge, larger than normal house we need to know too. Of course, this will take extra time to clean.  We are realistic with our expectations of our staff.  A standard house takes less time, less charge to you and everyone is happy.

If you notice we have only quoted for one living area and you have 3 plus a media room you can expect we will need to increase our price on the day.  Common sense is not all that common when you are moving and there are 101 other things that need your attention. We get that. We are here to help you. We will make it as easy as we possibly can.  Remembering that things can go pear shaped.  If they do we’re on your side and communication is key.

If you’d like us to help you achieve a painless vacate call our friendly team today 0424 576 102