All these bond cleaning sites look the same!  I know, right.  Super confusing and feels like pot luck.

Well, I’m glad you landed on our page because we do things differently.  We WORK WITH YOUR PROPERTY MANAGER to ensure their standards are met on every bond clean.

Because, there’s no point paying for a bond clean if:

  1. You don’t get your bond back
  2. You have to go back and fix stuff up that wasn’t done <insert groan>
  3. Your Property Manager is not happy


WE TOTALLY GET IT!  Our aim is to clean the property to your Property Manager’s standard.

Sounds impossible right?

For most cleaning companies it may be, not for us.  Moving house is stressful, Property Managers are sticklers for the detail….we want the best outcome for you both.  So you get to move into your next property without fuss, your Property Manager is happy and we all skip and sing around the letterbox.  Well not really, but it’s a nice thought.


I know right and at the end of the day…….you get what you pay for.  It takes time to deliver a good bond clean. If you’ve ever tried to do one yourself you’ll get it.  There’s no shortcuts, no rooms that don’t need doing, no areas that won’t be inspected.  We do use super awesome products and equipment but nothing replaces good old muscle power.   Anyone can call themselves a bond cleaning company – but if they don’t work for the Real Estates directly you can be assured they don’t do a good job.

There are many cheaper options. We hear the horror stories from our clients, our PM’s and usually end of being the ones to clean up the mess.  We’ve been told of money being taken and job not done, refusing to go back and fix up anything, charging double on the day of the clean without warning……YOU REALLY DO GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

It is worth it to pay a little more at the start to get the job done right the first time.  Our PM’s recommend us to their tenants because they know we do the job to their standard and we come back if needed.


Once you move out, you simply leave the keys with us and we’ll do the rest. Unless there is maintenance work required we do the rest.  No questions asked until your PM is happy.  That’s right, you never need to go back and touch up anything.  We do it for you, guaranteed.  our relationship is with your PM so we have every reason to ensure the job is done well to maintain our relationship with them. Its a win-win-win for everyone!


Your bond clean includes all the internal areas of your home from top to bottom, inside and out.  A professional bond clean includes all items on the RTA checklist

We can also organise carpets, pest control, lawns and rubbish removal to make your move less stressful.


Did I mention we operate 7 days a week and there’s NO EXTRA CHARGE for weekends?     So if you’re moving on Saturday we can have the clean done on Sunday and ready to hand back keys on Monday. BOOYAH!

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