“Housework can’t kill you, but why take the chance”

Imagine this, 3 kiddies under 5 and we moved house 4 times in 2 years.  Not our fault, 3 owners sold their rentals to owner occupiers.  One owner wanted to come back to the Bayside to live. But …seriously!

The first 2 moves I scrubbed, I was on hands and knees with every cleaning product, scrubbing utensil and fancy mop I could fit in my Woolies trolley.  The more super powers the product claimed to have the more likely I thought it would do what it promised…..NOT!!!

When the kids were safely out the house I would mutter under my breath about who let the gorgeous little cherubs play with crayons unsupervised, how the hell did handprints get on the ceiling and seriously does every surface need to be touched by EVERYONE in the house.  There was a lot of colourful adjectives being thrown around I can tell you.

At the 3rd move approached the thought of another bond clean made my heart sink.  I had only just recovered from the last one and that was a toughie.  After I had spent several days scrubbing, mopping, dusting, wiping and swearing I thought the job was perfect. I inspected my handiwork with pride, feeling that the extreme exhaustion and pain throughout my entire body was worth it.  I’d done a perfect job.

Well, the very next day my property manager, all peppy and clean and looking fresh from the hairdresser didn’t agree.  Not one little bit. The list of things to go over made me feel deflated, unworthy and left me wanting to curl up into the foetal position and cry. I was too tired to express my surprise and disappointment. I just took the list. Her departing comment was that it needed to be done by lunchtime tomorrow or I may lose part of my bond.   My arms were so sore I couldn’t do my bra up let alone scrub another wall or clean the sneaky cobweb that had appeared overnight. Damn you Charlotte and your stinking web.  Sorry Charlotte it really wasn’t your fault.

My back felt like it had permanently curled into the bent over position and the skin on my fingers had long gone.   There was no way I was going to get it done in time.

So, I dug out the local paper, turned to the classified section and called a local cleaning company. I only needed the small stuff done, some minor touch ups.  How much would it cost?  Back then it was $25 an hour and approx. 4 hours would be needed.  Another 6 hours OMG!  But then for $150 it seemed worth it to be rid of the worry.

So the next day the kids went to daycare and the lovely man arrived with his sidekick, only a handful of cleaning products and a few poles.  I was apologetic and maybe a little pathetic in my ‘I tried to do it’ and ‘I did as much as I could’.  He was assertive, man of few words.  I returned 2 hours later and the transformation was MIND BLOWING.   I could not believe the difference.  I could not believe how crap my cleaning job was compared to his. I could not believe he went over the entire place again, including the outdoor areas and the entire place sparkled. Literally, it shone.

I decided right there and then as my mouth was agape and I handed over the $150 cash, that never again would I even consider the idea of cleaning my own rental property. I wanted to cry, this time out of pure job and gratitude.

I proudly went to the Real Estate, handed back the keys and confidently told them it was done.  I was secretly hoping when she went back she’d think I had cleaned it to this standard.

If you never want to do a bond clean again, give us a call 0424 576 102.