I think I can, I think I can….when you run out time and the bond clean needs to be done.

So you had big plans of saving some cash and doing the bond clean yourself.

You has this lovely picture of yourself coming home after your 8 hour work day, looking after the family, packing few boxes, cleaning a room or two and catching a few hours’ sleep.  Or maybe it was the weekend.  Sure you can take the kids to sport, birthday parties or friends’ houses, have some kind of life yourself and clean the house ready for moving.  Then you woke up from the delicious daydream and realised time has flown, there’s so much to do, it’s never ending.  You pack a box and then need something so pull it all out again.  The kids are playing cubby in the boxes that had linen in them.  Now it all needs washing again.  OMG the perfect plan has all gone to…..some other place that’s not here (kids could read this, c’mon)!

We’ve all been there don’t you worry. You’re not alone. In a perfect world all would go to plan, we’d whip out our Wonder Woman or Superman cape and dah da da dah.  Super cleaning person would appear. But this is not that world, so don’t beat yourself up.

Then we wake up and real life smacks us in the face.  That sinking feeling sets in, the feeling that there’s no time. It’s never going to get done in time.  Don’t overthink it and presume we can’t do it.

We get it.  That’s why I do what I do.

Remember – we’re not moving so we’re not stressed.  We are expecting you to call us at the last minute, all frazzed out looking for a miracle at the 11th hour.

And guess what….we can help. Yep, you heard right even with short notice. Our capes are washed and hung at the ready. Our teams trained and prepped.  The kits are ready to go and our lunch bags are packed.

Of course, we prefer some notice but that’s not always possible.  It’s ok…that’s why we’re here.

Give us a call – there’s always a solution.

If you need a hail mary, last minute, please save my life bond clean??  Give us a bell 0424 576 102