There are some houses that words cannot describe.  Well, let me try.

4 young couples, 3 inside large dogs, 1 large thunderstorm and a leaky room and 2 years in the property without repairs.

The sheer smell alone from the driveway started our eyes watering and the sick feeling of a very long day.

These young couples were oblivious to the extreme nature of the state of their ex-rental property and were horrified when we kindly, gently advised of the additional time it would take to bring up to standard.  With that was also almost double the quoted price.  This is not a nice message to deliver and it is our least favourite thing to do.

Moving is stressful, even a good move, so finding out that you are now up for a lot more cost can be a kick in the teeth if you are unaware.

What we find in bond clean land is tenants sometimes don’t know when their home is extreme.  This is a challenging conversation to have on the day of a clean.  The response we often get is ‘well you should have come and quoted personally’.  Unfortunately, this does not help since a lot of the build-up is often hidden behind furniture and packing boxes. Until everything is out and we can see the extent of what remains, it’s often impossible for us to tell.

What’s the solution?

There are always options. We try to find a solution that works for our staff and the tenant as well as delivers to the expectations of the Property Manager.  This a delicate balance.  The bigger the clean, the more hours required, the more salary to pay, the higher the cost.

We often give the option for the tenant to do some rooms themselves. We would offer to do the harder rooms; kitchen, bathrooms and laundry.  If the tenant does the bedrooms, outside areas and garage themselves this can save them half the price.  Remembering the bond clean guarantee only extends to the rooms we complete.

The second option is for the additional costs to be taken from the tenants bond.  For this to happen the tenant needs to send an email to their PM advising they would like to take this option.  We are sent a work order and the job gets done.  The funds are then paid to us from the bond on settlement.

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