• Why-ECR-is-important

Why ECR is important

The most important task when moving into your new property is to complete the Entry Condition Report – thoroughly! This is the only way to document the condition when you moved for the PM [...]

  • Why-are-Bond-Cleans-So-Expensive

Why are Bond Cleans So Expensive?

“You want how much to clean my home??? But it’s not that dirty!!”. We hear this every day from Tenants who have not been through a vacate of a rental property and especially former [...]

  • What-if-my-PM-is-not-happy-with-the-clean

What if my PM is not happy with the clean?

What if my PM is not happy with the clean? Will you go back? If you’re rented for a while you’ll know that every Property Manager has different expectations. If you’re nodding your head, [...]

  • Want-a-Painless-Vacate

Want a Painless Vacate?

Would you like a painless vacate? Be nice to your PM. Don’t get into a fight with your PM even if you think you are right and they are wrong.  Remember moving is a [...]

  • Pricing

How Do You Price a Bond Clean?

The question we are asked frequently is ‘but do you do a proper bond clean?’ The term bond clean is bandied around by companies claiming to be able to offer you a $99 bond [...]

  • Contact-Us

DIY Bond Clean Horror Story – The Frat House

There are some houses that words cannot describe.  Well, let me try. 4 young couples, 3 inside large dogs, 1 large thunderstorm and a leaky room and 2 years in the property without repairs. [...]

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